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Motion Strategy Library Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
DisjointSets< T >
FDPA dynamic programming approach to nonholonomic planning, as proposed by Barraquand, Latombe, Algorithmica 10:6, pp. 121-155, 1993
FDPBestFirstBest first search variant, using the Metric in Problem
FDPBiA bidirectional version of forward dynamic programming
FDPStarAn A-Star search variant. The Metric in Problem is used as the cost
GeomGeometric models and collision detection methods
GeomNoneA class with no geometry -- a collision never happens
GeomPQPParent class PQP-based list of Triangle models
GeomPQP2DA parent class for 2D PQP geometries
GeomPQP2DRigid2D rigid body
GeomPQP2DRigidMultiA collection of 2D rigid bodies
GeomPQP3DRigid3D rigid body
GeomPQP3DRigidMultiA collection of 3D rigid modies
GuiA generic class for designing graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
ImageUsed for texture mapping as part of RenderGL
ModelThe incremental simulator model
Model1DA simple one-dimensional model for dynamics studies
Model2DBase for all 2D models
Model2DPointA point robot in a 2D world
Model2DPointCarA point car-like robot in a 2D world
Model2DRigidA holonomic rigid robot in a 2D world
Model2DRigidCarA rigid car-like robot in a 2D world
Model2DRigidCarForwardA rigid car-like robot that can only go forward in a 2D world
Model2DRigidCarSmoothA rigid car-like robot with continuous steering angles This model is used by Th. Fraichard, Scheuer, Laugier
Model2DRigidCarSmooth2TrailersA rigid car-like robot with continuous steering angles and two trailers
Model2DRigidCarSmooth3TrailersA rigid car-like robot with continuous steering angles and three trailers
Model2DRigidCarSmoothTrailerA rigid car-like robot with continuous steering angles and a trailer. The trailer models are taken from Murray and Sastry, Trans. Automatic Control, Vol 38, No 5, 1993, pp. 700-716
Model2DRigidChainA 2D kinematic chain of bodies
Model2DRigidDyncarA 5DOF dynamical model of a rigid car. This model uses a linear tire model, which is far from reality. The model was donated by Jim Bernard
Model2DRigidDyncarNtireA 5DOF dynamical model of a rigid car. This model uses a nonlinear tire model. The model was donated by Jim Bernard
Model2DRigidLanderA rigid body with two small side thrusters, and a larger lower thruster. The goal is to navigate and softly "land" the craft by firing thrusters, in spite of gravity
Model2DRigidMultiA collection of free-floating bodies in a 2D world
Model3DA base class for all models in 3D worlds
Model3DDynA spacecraft model with three thrusters providing both tranlation force and rotation torque
Model3DRigidA rigid robot in a 3D world
Model3DRigidChainA 3D kinematic chain of bodies that uses DH parameters
Model3DRigidHelicalA rigid robot that moves along helical paths in a 3D world
Model3DRigidMultiA collection of free-floating bodies in a 3D world
Model3DRigidTreeA 3D kinematic tree of bodies that uses DH parameters
ModelCarThe same model as Model2DRigidCar
ModelCarDynThe same model as Model2DRigidDyncar
ModelCarDynNtireThe same model as Model2DRigidDyncarNtire
ModelCarDynRolloverA car model considering the rolling effect and the pressure on different tires of the car is different. If the pressure on one tire is 0, the car is considered rolling over. The pressure model of the tire is rigid such that pressure can change at instant time, which means: (1) It might be the reason that only forward RRT tree works. (2) In the SelectInput function, pressure has to be restored when to test new inputs
ModelCarDynSmoothRolloverOne more dimension than ModelCarDynRollover considering the steering angle can only change continuously
ModelCarSmoothThe same model as Model2DRigidCarSmooth
ModelLinearA linear systems model: xdot = Ax + Bu
ModelNDSimple axis-parallel motions in an N-dimensional space
ModelNintegratorThe "nonholonomic integrator", used by R. Brockett and many others
mslGLFaceAn internal class, used only for RenderGL
mslGLMaterialAn internal class, used only for RenderGL
mslGLObjectAn internal class, used only for RenderGL
MSLList< T, A >
MSLNodeGreaterThis is a comparison object to be used for STL-based sorting
MSLNodeLessThis is a comparison object to be used for STL-based sorting
MSLTriangleA 3D triangle, made of 3 3D points
MSLVertexGreaterThis is a comparison object to be used for STL-based sorting
MSLVertexLessThis is a comparison object to be used for STL-based sorting
MultiArray< E >A multidimensional array made from a 1D vector
PlannerThe base class for all path planners
PRMA probabilistic roadmap planner, proposed by Kavraki, Svestka, Latombe, Overmars, 1994
ProblemAn interface class that provides the primary input to a planner
RandomTreeNaively extend the tree by random node selection (not really an RRT)
RCRRTResolution Complete Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees , by Peng Cheng and Steven M. LaValle, submitted to 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. Techniques applied to improve the performance: (1) Combining systematic search with random search such that it has both the completeness of the systematic search and fast searching of the random search. (2) Constraint violation tendency to avoid obstacles This basic planner is used to do the experiment with dynamic car model in the virtual town. The rolling effect of the car and the nonlinear tire model are considered in the model
RCRRTBallRCRRT planner using ball neighborhood to exclude the repeated states
RCRRTBallDualBasic dual tree version of RCRRTBall
RCRRTBallExtExtDual tree version of RCRRTBall with ExtExt method
RCRRTDualBasic dual tree version of RCRRT
RCRRTExtExtDual tree version of RCRRT with ExtExt method, which is used to do experiments with spacecraft model in 3D grid environment considering the dynamic constraints
RCRRTNodeInfoThe information holded in this class is explained in "Reducing Metric Sensitivity in Randomized Trajectory Design" in IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2001
RenderA rendering class that accepts commands from a Gui, and determines using specific graphics libraries how to draw the results on a screen
RenderGLPerform 3D rendering using the GL and GLUT libraries
RenderIvPerform 3D rendering using the OpenInventor library
RenderPerformerPerform 3D rendering using the SGI IRIS Performer library
RRTThe base class, which generates a single Rapidly-exploring Random Tree
RRTBidirBalancedBalanced Bidirectional RRTConCon planner
RRTConReplaces Extend with Connect
RRTConConUse Connect for both exploration and connecting of trees
RRTDualPlanners that grow trees from the initial and goal
RRTExtConUse Connect instead of Extend to connect the two trees
RRTExtExtBalance between growing trees toward each other and exploring
RRTGoalBiasWith some probability, choose the goal instead of a random sample
RRTGoalZoomBias the samples toward the goal as the tree gets closer
RRTHullGrow a Rapidly-exploring Random Tree in a large disc
RRTPolarGradually bias the sampling towards the goal
RRTSlideIn the Connect method, slide along the walls
SceneAn interface class that gives Problem information to Render. It tells the renderer how the "scene" appears for rendering purposes, as opposed to collision-detection purposes
SolverThe base class for all path planners
Motion Strategy Library

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