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mslGLFace Class Reference

An internal class, used only for RenderGL. More...

#include <renderglobj.h>

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Public Methods

 mslGLFace ()
 ~mslGLFace ()
void AddVertex (const mslGLVertex &ver)
void AddNormal (const mslGLNormal &nor)
void AddTexCoord (const mslGLTexCoord &tex)
void AddVertex (const MSLVector &ver)
void AddNormal (const MSLVector &nor)
void AddTexCoord (const MSLVector &tex)
void Clear ()
void PrintVertex ()
void DrawFace ()

Public Attributes

int NumberOfPoint
int NumberOfNormal
int NumberOfTexCoord
int NormalOn
int TextureOn
int ColorOn
int MaterialID

Detailed Description

An internal class, used only for RenderGL.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Member Function Documentation

void mslGLFace::AddNormal const MSLVector   nor

void mslGLFace::AddNormal const mslGLNormal   nor

void mslGLFace::AddTexCoord const MSLVector   tex

void mslGLFace::AddTexCoord const mslGLTexCoord   tex

void mslGLFace::AddVertex const MSLVector   ver

void mslGLFace::AddVertex const mslGLVertex   ver

void mslGLFace::Clear  

void mslGLFace::DrawFace  

void mslGLFace::PrintVertex  

Member Data Documentation

int mslGLFace::ColorOn

int mslGLFace::MaterialID

mslGLNormal* mslGLFace::NormalCoord

int mslGLFace::NormalOn

int mslGLFace::NumberOfNormal

int mslGLFace::NumberOfPoint

int mslGLFace::NumberOfTexCoord

mslGLTexCoord* mslGLFace::TextureCoord

int mslGLFace::TextureOn

mslGLVertex* mslGLFace::VerticeCoord

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