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MSLVector Class Reference

#include <vector.h>

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Public Methods

 MSLVector ()
 MSLVector (int d)
 MSLVector (double a, double b)
 MSLVector (double a, double b, double c)
 MSLVector (const MSLVector &w, int prec)
 MSLVector (const MSLVector &)
 ~MSLVector ()
MSLVector & operator= (const MSLVector &)
int dim () const
double & operator[] (int i)
double operator[] (int) const
double hcoord (int i) const
double coord (int i) const
double sqr_length () const
double length () const
MSLVector norm () const
double angle (const MSLVector &w) const
MSLVector rotate90 () const
MSLVector rotate (double a) const
MSLVector & operator+= (const MSLVector &)
MSLVector & operator-= (const MSLVector &)
MSLVector operator+ (const MSLVector &v1) const
MSLVector operator- (const MSLVector &v1) const
double operator * (const MSLVector &v1) const
MSLVector operator * (double r) const
MSLVector operator- () const
MSLVector operator/ (double) const
bool operator== (const MSLVector &w) const
bool operator!= (const MSLVector &w) const
void print (ostream &O)
void print ()
void read (istream &I)
void read ()


class MSLMatrix
MSLVector operator * (double f, const MSLVector &v)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &O, const MSLVector &v)
istream & operator>> (istream &I, MSLVector &v)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


MSLVector::MSLVector int    d

MSLVector::MSLVector double    a,
double    b

MSLVector::MSLVector double    a,
double    b,
double    c

MSLVector::MSLVector const MSLVector &    w,
int    prec

MSLVector::MSLVector const MSLVector &   


Member Function Documentation

double MSLVector::angle const MSLVector &    w const

double MSLVector::coord int    i const [inline]

int MSLVector::dim   const [inline]

double MSLVector::hcoord int    i const [inline]

double MSLVector::length   const

MSLVector MSLVector::norm   const [inline]

MSLVector MSLVector::operator * double    r const

double MSLVector::operator * const MSLVector &    v1 const

bool MSLVector::operator!= const MSLVector &    w const [inline]

MSLVector MSLVector::operator+ const MSLVector &    v1 const

MSLVector & MSLVector::operator+= const MSLVector &   

MSLVector MSLVector::operator-   const

MSLVector MSLVector::operator- const MSLVector &    v1 const

MSLVector & MSLVector::operator-= const MSLVector &   

MSLVector MSLVector::operator/ double    const

MSLVector & MSLVector::operator= const MSLVector &   

bool MSLVector::operator== const MSLVector &    w const

double MSLVector::operator[] int    const

double & MSLVector::operator[] int    i

void MSLVector::print   [inline]

void MSLVector::print ostream &    O

void MSLVector::read   [inline]

void MSLVector::read istream &    I

MSLVector MSLVector::rotate double    a const

MSLVector MSLVector::rotate90   const

double MSLVector::sqr_length   const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MSLMatrix [friend]

MSLVector operator * double    f,
const MSLVector &    v

ostream& operator<< ostream &    O,
const MSLVector &    v

istream& operator>> istream &    I,
MSLVector &    v

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