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RenderGL Class Reference

Perform 3D rendering using the GL and GLUT libraries. More...

#include <rendergl.h>

Inheritance diagram for RenderGL:

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Public Methods

 RenderGL ()
 RenderGL (string filepath)
 RenderGL (Scene *s, string filepath)
virtual ~RenderGL ()
virtual void Reset ()
 Reset the renderer. More...

virtual void Init ()
 Initialized the renderer. More...

virtual void MainLoop (Gui *g)
 If ControlFreak = true, then MainLoop is entered here. More...

Static Public Methods

void GlutIdleProcessing ()
void GlutDrawEnvironment ()
void GlutReshape (int w, int h)
void GlutMouse (int button, int state, int x, int y)
void GlutMouseMove (int x, int y)
void GlutKeyboard (unsigned char Key, int x, int y)

Public Attributes


Protected Methods

void LoadConfig ()
void AddBodyObject (mslGLObject *obj)
void AddEnvObject (mslGLObject *obj)
mslGLObjectWhichObject (int id)
void SceneRender ()
void SetLightPos ()
void SetSceneOrientationChange (const MSLVector &oric)
void SetScenePositionChange (const MSLVector &posc)
void SetBodyState (const MSLVector &state)
void SetEnvState (const MSLVector &state)
void DrawBoundingBox ()
void DrawPath ()
 Display an entire path (the specific renderer determines how). More...

void InitData ()
void InitGeometry (list< MSLTriangle > triangles)
void DrawBodies (const MSLVector &x)
void DrawEnv ()
void NormCrossProduct (float v1[3], float v2[3], float out[3])
void Normalize (float v[3])
void ShowCoordinateFrame ()

Protected Attributes

vector< int > EnvIndex
vector< int > BodyIndex
float WindowX
float WindowY
float WindowZ
float BoundingBoxMin [3]
float BoundingBoxMax [3]
float Orientation [3]
float Position [3]
float Fov
float AspectRatio
float Near
float Far
float EyeX
float EyeY
float EyeZ
float VpX
float VpY
float VpZ
float VupX
float VupY
float VupZ
float ViewLength
MSLVector VCoordZ
MSLVector VCoordY
MSLVector VCoordX
MSLVector VRpy
MSLVector DefVCoordZ
MSLVector DefVCoordY
MSLVector DefVCoordX
MSLVector DefVRpy
MSLVector RpyModification
MSLVector SCoordZ
MSLVector SCoordY
MSLVector SCoordX
float LightPosX
float LightPosY
float LightPosZ
int NumberOfObject
int NumberOfBody
int NumberOfEnvObj
mslGLObject ** SceneBodyLib
mslGLObject ** SceneEnvObjLib
MSLVector EnvTransform
MSLVector BodyTransform
int MainWindow
int SelectObjectID
int CurrentObject
int CurrentMouseButton
int CurrentMouseState
int CurrentKeyboard
float LastX
float LastY
float ChangeRate
float AnimationTimeScaleTmp

Detailed Description

Perform 3D rendering using the GL and GLUT libraries.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


RenderGL::RenderGL string    filepath

RenderGL::RenderGL Scene   s,
string    filepath

RenderGL::~RenderGL   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void RenderGL::AddBodyObject mslGLObject   obj [protected]

void RenderGL::AddEnvObject mslGLObject   obj [protected]

void RenderGL::DrawBodies const MSLVector   x [protected]

void RenderGL::DrawBoundingBox   [protected]

void RenderGL::DrawEnv   [protected]

void RenderGL::DrawPath   [protected, virtual]

Display an entire path (the specific renderer determines how).

Reimplemented from Render.

void RenderGL::GlutDrawEnvironment   [static]

void RenderGL::GlutIdleProcessing   [static]

void RenderGL::GlutKeyboard unsigned char    Key,
int    x,
int    y

void RenderGL::GlutMouse int    button,
int    state,
int    x,
int    y

void RenderGL::GlutMouseMove int    x,
int    y

void RenderGL::GlutReshape int    w,
int    h

void RenderGL::Init   [virtual]

Initialized the renderer.

Reimplemented from Render.

void RenderGL::InitData   [protected]

void RenderGL::InitGeometry list< MSLTriangle   triangles [protected]

void RenderGL::LoadConfig   [protected]

void RenderGL::MainLoop Gui   g [virtual]

If ControlFreak = true, then MainLoop is entered here.

Reimplemented from Render.

void RenderGL::Normalize float    v[3] [protected]

void RenderGL::NormCrossProduct float    v1[3],
float    v2[3],
float    out[3]

void RenderGL::Reset   [virtual]

Reset the renderer.

Reimplemented from Render.

void RenderGL::SceneRender   [protected]

void RenderGL::SetBodyState const MSLVector   state [protected]

void RenderGL::SetEnvState const MSLVector   state [protected]

void RenderGL::SetLightPos   [protected]

void RenderGL::SetSceneOrientationChange const MSLVector   oric [protected]

void RenderGL::SetScenePositionChange const MSLVector   posc [protected]

void RenderGL::ShowCoordinateFrame   [protected]

mslGLObject * RenderGL::WhichObject int    id [protected]

Member Data Documentation

float RenderGL::AnimationTimeScaleTmp [protected]

float RenderGL::AspectRatio [protected]

vector<int> RenderGL::BodyIndex [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::BodyTransform [protected]

float RenderGL::BoundingBoxMax[3] [protected]

float RenderGL::BoundingBoxMin[3] [protected]

float RenderGL::ChangeRate [protected]

int RenderGL::CurrentKeyboard [protected]

int RenderGL::CurrentMouseButton [protected]

int RenderGL::CurrentMouseState [protected]

int RenderGL::CurrentObject [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::DefVCoordX [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::DefVCoordY [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::DefVCoordZ [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::DefVRpy [protected]

vector<int> RenderGL::EnvIndex [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::EnvTransform [protected]

float RenderGL::EyeX [protected]

float RenderGL::EyeY [protected]

float RenderGL::EyeZ [protected]

float RenderGL::Far [protected]

float RenderGL::Fov [protected]

Gui* RenderGL::G

float RenderGL::LastX [protected]

float RenderGL::LastY [protected]

float RenderGL::LightPosX [protected]

float RenderGL::LightPosY [protected]

float RenderGL::LightPosZ [protected]

int RenderGL::MainWindow [protected]

float RenderGL::Near [protected]

int RenderGL::NumberOfBody [protected]

int RenderGL::NumberOfEnvObj [protected]

int RenderGL::NumberOfObject [protected]

float RenderGL::Orientation[3] [protected]

float RenderGL::Position[3] [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::RpyModification [protected]

mslGLObject** RenderGL::SceneBodyLib [protected]

mslGLObject** RenderGL::SceneEnvObjLib [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::SCoordX [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::SCoordY [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::SCoordZ [protected]

int RenderGL::SelectObjectID [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::VCoordX [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::VCoordY [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::VCoordZ [protected]

float RenderGL::ViewLength [protected]

float RenderGL::VpX [protected]

float RenderGL::VpY [protected]

float RenderGL::VpZ [protected]

MSLVector RenderGL::VRpy [protected]

float RenderGL::VupX [protected]

float RenderGL::VupY [protected]

float RenderGL::VupZ [protected]

float RenderGL::WindowX [protected]

float RenderGL::WindowY [protected]

float RenderGL::WindowZ [protected]

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