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GuiPlanner Class Reference

#include <guiplanner.h>

Inheritance diagram for GuiPlanner:

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Public Methods

virtual void HandleEvents ()
 Process any IO events (may be used by Render). More...

virtual void ButtonHandle (int b)
 Figure out what actions to take based on menu choices. More...

 GuiPlanner (Render *render, Planner *planner)
virtual ~GuiPlanner ()
void ResetPlanner ()
void WriteGraphs ()
void ReadGraphs ()
void ReadAnimationFrames ()
void WriteAnimationFrames ()
void ReadPolicy ()
void WritePolicy ()
void DrawGraphs ()

Public Attributes

double LineWidth
double PSLineWidth
int DrawIndexX
int DrawIndexY

Protected Methods

virtual void Init ()
 Initialize Gui and Render. More...

virtual void CreateMenuWindow ()

Protected Attributes



class MSLPlotWindow

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GuiPlanner::GuiPlanner Render   render,
Planner   planner

virtual GuiPlanner::~GuiPlanner   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void GuiPlanner::ButtonHandle int    b [virtual]

Figure out what actions to take based on menu choices.

Reimplemented from Gui.

void GuiPlanner::CreateMenuWindow   [protected, virtual]

void GuiPlanner::DrawGraphs  

void GuiPlanner::HandleEvents   [virtual]

Process any IO events (may be used by Render).

Implements Gui.

void GuiPlanner::Init   [protected, virtual]

Initialize Gui and Render.

Reimplemented from Gui.

void GuiPlanner::ReadAnimationFrames  

void GuiPlanner::ReadGraphs  

void GuiPlanner::ReadPolicy  

void GuiPlanner::ResetPlanner  

void GuiPlanner::WriteAnimationFrames  

void GuiPlanner::WriteGraphs  

void GuiPlanner::WritePolicy  

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class MSLPlotWindow [friend]

Member Data Documentation

int GuiPlanner::DrawIndexX

int GuiPlanner::DrawIndexY

double GuiPlanner::LineWidth

Planner* GuiPlanner::Pl

double GuiPlanner::PSLineWidth

MSLPlannerWindow* GuiPlanner::Window [protected]

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