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mslGLMaterial Class Reference

An internal class, used only for RenderGL. More...

#include <renderglobj.h>

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Public Methods

 mslGLMaterial ()
 ~mslGLMaterial ()
void SetMaterial ()
int ImageLoad (int id, string path, string filename)
void Clear ()
void Print ()

Public Attributes

int ID
GLuint TextureHandle
char TextureName [MAXNAME_LENGTH]
GLfloat Diffuse [3]
GLfloat Specular [3]
GLfloat Ambient [3]
GLfloat Color [3]
GLfloat Alpha
float Shininess
float Su
float Sv
char Reflect [MAXNAME_LENGTH]
int AmbientOn
int SpecularOn
int DiffuseOn
int ShininessOn
int AlphaOn
int ReflectOn
int TwosideOn
int TextureOn

Detailed Description

An internal class, used only for RenderGL.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Member Function Documentation

void mslGLMaterial::Clear  

int mslGLMaterial::ImageLoad int    id,
string    path,
string    filename

void mslGLMaterial::Print  

void mslGLMaterial::SetMaterial  

Member Data Documentation

GLfloat mslGLMaterial::Alpha

int mslGLMaterial::AlphaOn

GLfloat mslGLMaterial::Ambient[3]

int mslGLMaterial::AmbientOn

GLfloat mslGLMaterial::Color[3]

GLfloat mslGLMaterial::Diffuse[3]

int mslGLMaterial::DiffuseOn

int mslGLMaterial::ID

char mslGLMaterial::Name[MAXNAME_LENGTH]

char mslGLMaterial::Reflect[MAXNAME_LENGTH]

int mslGLMaterial::ReflectOn

float mslGLMaterial::Shininess

int mslGLMaterial::ShininessOn

GLfloat mslGLMaterial::Specular[3]

int mslGLMaterial::SpecularOn

float mslGLMaterial::Su

float mslGLMaterial::Sv

GLuint mslGLMaterial::TextureHandle

Image* mslGLMaterial::TextureImage

char mslGLMaterial::TextureName[MAXNAME_LENGTH]

int mslGLMaterial::TextureOn

int mslGLMaterial::TwosideOn

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