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Model2D Class Reference

Base for all 2D models. More...

#include <model2d.h>

Inheritance diagram for Model2D:

Model Model2DPoint Model2DRigid Model2DPointCar Model2DRigidCar Model2DRigidChain Model2DRigidDyncar Model2DRigidLander Model2DRigidMulti Model2DRigidCarForward Model2DRigidCarSmooth ModelCar Model2DRigidDyncarNtire ModelCarDyn Model2DRigidCarSmoothTrailer ModelCarSmooth ModelCarDynNtire Model2DRigidCarSmooth2Trailers ModelCarDynRollover Model2DRigidCarSmooth3Trailers ModelCarDynSmoothRollover List of all members.

Public Methods

 Model2D (string path)
virtual ~Model2D ()
virtual MSLVector StateToConfiguration (const MSLVector &x)
 A method that converts a Model state in to a Geom configuration. More...

Detailed Description

Base for all 2D models.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Model2D::Model2D string    path

virtual Model2D::~Model2D   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

MSLVector Model2D::StateToConfiguration const MSLVector   x [virtual]

A method that converts a Model state in to a Geom configuration.

Reimplemented from Model.

Reimplemented in Model2DRigid.

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