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MSLMatrix Class Reference

#include <matrix.h>

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Public Methods

 MSLMatrix (int n=0, int m=0)
 MSLMatrix (int n, int m, double *D)
 MSLMatrix (const MSLMatrix &)
 MSLMatrix (const MSLVector &)
MSLMatrix & operator= (const MSLMatrix &)
 ~MSLMatrix ()
int dim1 () const
int dim2 () const
MSLVectorrow (int i) const
MSLVector col (int i) const
MSLMatrix trans () const
MSLMatrix inv () const
double det () const
MSLMatrix solve (const MSLMatrix &) const
MSLVector solve (const MSLVector &b) const
 operator MSLVector () const
MSLVectoroperator[] (int i) const
double & operator() (int i, int j)
double operator() (int, int) const
int operator== (const MSLMatrix &) const
int operator!= (const MSLMatrix &x) const
MSLMatrix operator+ (const MSLMatrix &M1) const
MSLMatrix operator- (const MSLMatrix &M1) const
MSLMatrix operator- () const
MSLMatrix & operator-= (const MSLMatrix &)
MSLMatrix & operator+= (const MSLMatrix &)
MSLMatrix operator * (const MSLMatrix &M1) const
MSLVector operator * (const MSLVector &vec) const
MSLMatrix operator * (double x) const
void read (istream &I)
void read ()


ostream & operator<< (ostream &O, const MSLMatrix &M)
istream & operator>> (istream &I, MSLMatrix &M)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MSLMatrix::MSLMatrix int    n = 0,
int    m = 0

MSLMatrix::MSLMatrix int    n,
int    m,
double *    D

MSLMatrix::MSLMatrix const MSLMatrix &   

MSLMatrix::MSLMatrix const MSLVector  


Member Function Documentation

MSLVector MSLMatrix::col int    i const

double MSLMatrix::det   const

int MSLMatrix::dim1   const [inline]

int MSLMatrix::dim2   const [inline]

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::inv   const

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::operator * double    x const

MSLVector MSLMatrix::operator * const MSLVector   vec const [inline]

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::operator * const MSLMatrix &    M1 const

MSLMatrix::operator MSLVector   const

int MSLMatrix::operator!= const MSLMatrix &    x const [inline]

double MSLMatrix::operator() int   ,

double & MSLMatrix::operator() int    i,
int    j

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::operator+ const MSLMatrix &    M1 const

MSLMatrix & MSLMatrix::operator+= const MSLMatrix &   

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::operator-   const

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::operator- const MSLMatrix &    M1 const

MSLMatrix & MSLMatrix::operator-= const MSLMatrix &   

MSLMatrix & MSLMatrix::operator= const MSLMatrix &   

int MSLMatrix::operator== const MSLMatrix &    const

MSLVector& MSLMatrix::operator[] int    i const [inline]

void MSLMatrix::read   [inline]

void MSLMatrix::read istream &    I

MSLVector & MSLMatrix::row int    i const

MSLVector MSLMatrix::solve const MSLVector   b const [inline]

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::solve const MSLMatrix &    const

MSLMatrix MSLMatrix::trans   const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ostream &    O,
const MSLMatrix &    M

istream& operator>> istream &    I,
MSLMatrix &    M

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