Anna Yershova LaValle

     Hello! I am University Lecturer at the University of Oulu in Finland, with over a decade of experience in teaching virtual reality, programming, data structures, databases, numerical methods, robotics, and basic math. I am also a member of the Center for Ubiquitous Computing and the Perception Engineering Group.

Prior to that, I was a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. I was also a post-doctoral researcher at Duke University in the Donald Lab. I completed my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Illinois in the area of robotics.

Although my main passion is teaching, I have also been been involved in a few other projects. In 2012-2014, I was part of the founding family of Oculus VR, where I developed the core SDK math software and contributed to head tracking for the original Oculus Rift. I have published over a dozen papers in robotics, computational biology, applied math, and virtual reality (see my Google Scholar profile). I also co-authored high-school math books (in Russian) that have sold over a million copies.