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RenderIv Class Reference

Perform 3D rendering using the OpenInventor library. More...

#include <renderiv.h>

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Public Methods

 RenderIv ()
 RenderIv (string filepath)
 RenderIv (Scene *s, string filepath)
virtual ~RenderIv ()
virtual void Reset ()
 Reset the renderer.

virtual void Init ()
 Initialized the renderer.

virtual void MainLoop (Gui *g)
 If ControlFreak = true, then MainLoop is entered here.

Protected Methods

void _IdleFunction ()
SoSeparator* _ReadIvFile (const char *filename)
SoSeparator* _InitObject (const string &fname)
bool _InitBoundsDisplay ()
bool _InitPathDisplay ()
SoSeparator* _InitTriangleGeom (list< MSLTriangle > &triangles)
bool _InitData ()
void _SetSwitch (SoSwitch *pSwitch, bool bFlag)
void _UpdatePathDisplay ()
void _SetTransform (SoTransform *pTrans, double tx, double ty, double tz, double rx, double ry, double rz)
void _UpdateBodies (const MSLVector &qConfig)

Protected Attributes

SoXtExaminerViewer* _viewer
SoSeparator* _ivRoot
SoSeparator* _ivData
SoSwitch* _ivBoundsSwitch
bool _bDisplayBounds
SoSwitch* _ivPathSwitch
SoVertexProperty* _pPathVertexProp
int _pathFrames
bool _bDisplayPath
list<SoTransform*> _bodyTrans

Static Protected Methods

void _TimerCB (void *userData, SoSensor *)

Detailed Description

Perform 3D rendering using the OpenInventor library.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RenderIv::RenderIv ( )

RenderIv::RenderIv ( string filepath )

RenderIv::RenderIv ( Scene * s,
string filepath )

virtual RenderIv::~RenderIv ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void RenderIv::Init ( ) [virtual]

Initialized the renderer.

Reimplemented from Render.

virtual void RenderIv::MainLoop ( Gui * g ) [virtual]

If ControlFreak = true, then MainLoop is entered here.

Reimplemented from Render.

virtual void RenderIv::Reset ( ) [virtual]

Reset the renderer.

Reimplemented from Render.

void RenderIv::_IdleFunction ( ) [inline, protected]

bool RenderIv::_InitBoundsDisplay ( ) [protected]

bool RenderIv::_InitData ( ) [protected]

SoSeparator* RenderIv::_InitObject ( const string & fname ) [protected]

bool RenderIv::_InitPathDisplay ( ) [protected]

SoSeparator* RenderIv::_InitTriangleGeom ( list< MSLTriangle > & triangles ) [protected]

SoSeparator* RenderIv::_ReadIvFile ( const char * filename ) [protected]

void RenderIv::_SetSwitch ( SoSwitch * pSwitch,
bool bFlag ) [inline, protected]

void RenderIv::_SetTransform ( SoTransform * pTrans,
double tx,
double ty,
double tz,
double rx,
double ry,
double rz ) [inline, protected]

void RenderIv::_TimerCB ( void * userData,
SoSensor * ) [static, protected]

void RenderIv::_UpdateBodies ( const MSLVector & qConfig ) [inline, protected]

void RenderIv::_UpdatePathDisplay ( ) [inline, protected]

Member Data Documentation

bool RenderIv::_bDisplayBounds [protected]

bool RenderIv::_bDisplayPath [protected]

list<SoTransform*> RenderIv::_bodyTrans [protected]

SoSwitch* RenderIv::_ivBoundsSwitch [protected]

SoSeparator* RenderIv::_ivData [protected]

SoSwitch* RenderIv::_ivPathSwitch [protected]

SoSeparator* RenderIv::_ivRoot [protected]

Gui* RenderIv::_pGui [protected]

SoVertexProperty* RenderIv::_pPathVertexProp [protected]

int RenderIv::_pathFrames [protected]

SoXtExaminerViewer* RenderIv::_viewer [protected]

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